Birth Made Simple

Birth doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. 

An online course for parents who want to be prepared for childbirth

“Before meeting with Hillary, we both felt very anxious and lost, but she DRASTICALLY changed that, and made us feel incredibly confident and excited about his birth! Without Hillary, we would have gone through the process being unsure! She positively changed the entire process!”


“I got the Birth Made Simple course and the Babies Made Simple course, excellent classes! Hillary literally explains everything so clearly. Her videos and pdfs were a huge help for us.”


You’re excited beyond belief for the birth of your baby…

… but perhaps terrified of the actual birthing process. I get it! It’s easy to feel anxious.

Birth Made Simple will guide you so you know what to expect and allow you to feel empowered as you prepare for childbirth.

What you’ll get in the course


Preparing for Labor


Am I in labor?


What you need to know about your water breaking


Will I go into labor on my own? Should I be induced?


I’m in labor. Now what? 


How is this baby getting out of me?


How am I going to deal with labor pain?


How will I know my baby's doing okay during labor?


How will I know when it's time to push?


Potential complications during labor


and more!


After Delivery


What happens if I tear during delivery?


The first 48 hours with your newborn


My suggestions for visitors


and more!

Before Baby Settler, we both felt very anxious and lost about what was about to happen (childbirth). But, Baby Settler DRASTICALLY changed that, and made us feel incredibly confident and excited about our baby’s birth!

– Alexandra

Understand your choices during labor 

As a labor & delivery nurse, and mom of 3, I know how intimidating the childbirth process can be. I also know how important it is to be educated on your choices during labor! In Birth Made Simple, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to feel excited for the birth of your baby and be empowered to confidently make your own decisions. 

Know what to expect and feel empowered for the birth of your baby 

Knowing what to expect helps shift expectations and helps with your transition into parenthood.

Learn as much, or as little, as you want, about birth. Pick the topics you’re interested in, and skip the ones you’re not.

Feel prepared for the birth of your baby

Are you googling questions about giving birth? Feeling nervous about the experience? Heard one too many childbirth stories and feeling scared?

Without Baby Settler, we would have gone through the process (childbirth) being unsure! Baby Settler positively changed the entire process for us, and we are so happy to have found Baby Settler!

– The Tombs family


Take the course


Confidently go into labor 


Cherish time with your newborn 

Being educated about what to expect related to birth will help you during the birth process. 

Want to know more about this course? 


Short, easy to digest, on demand videos so you can watch what you actually need, when you need them


Three modules: (I) Preparing for labor, (II) I’m in labor: Now what?, (III) After delivery


Common questions about “Labor and Birth” explained from a nurse who has helped over 1,000 families with their babies


Birth Plan


Hospital Checklist


Postpartum Plan


Access to the course for 18 months

One more look at the course breakdown


Birth Plan Template, Hospital Checklist, Postpartum Plan, and more!


3 modules with on-demand, short videos that you can watch when you need them. Access to the content for 18 months.

Module 1: Preparing for Labor

Module 2: I’m in labor: Now what?

Module 3: After Delivery


Need more support? 1:1 Face to face consultations offered