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The next item we are going to talk about are breast pumps. You really should check with your health insurance and see what you can get for free! However, there are some really awesome one’s that may be a step above what you can get through insurance. IF your going to splurge, my pick is for the Elvie pump. I have seen and heard nothing but great things about this pump. Many exclusively pumping MaMa’s really appreciate the flexibility this pump gives them. Check it out here
Favorite Breastfeeding support pillow is: My Breast Friend. Check it out here
Breastfeeding Products
Hillary Sadler | June 9, 2020
Here is a compilation of all the things I have personally used and found helpful and supportive throughout my breastfeeding journeys! I hope you find this blog helpful as there are SO MANY OPTIONS related to breastfeeding!
The HaaKaa: If you know, you know! If you don’t need to know! Best investment ever! Check out the link for more info
Another item you need (prior to delivery) is a hands free pump bra. There are literally 100 different options. But the one linked her is great because you can use it on top of your bra. So, if your at work and you just need something to wrap around for your pump sessions, this is perfect! Or, if your at home and you don’t have a bra on, it works then too! It’s by far my favorite one. It’s a plain Jane pump bra, because who needs their pump bra to be sexy?!
A Guide To The Best Breastfeeding Positions For Newborns

A Guide To The Best Breastfeeding Positions For Newborns

Are you a new mama who has just not gotten the hang of breastfeeding? Is your newborn struggling to latch and you’re ready to give up and reach for a bottle? It may be time to switch up the breastfeeding positions you use. The right breastfeeding position can make a...

How To Reset An Overtired Baby

How To Reset An Overtired Baby

You’ve had a crazy day and your regular routine had to be thrown out of the window. Your baby skipped their nap and their wake window is getting way too long – now your little one just isn't settling down.  Once your baby is overtired, it can be very tough to get them...

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