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Hillary Sadler | April 14, 2020
“Your gonna miss this, your gonna want this back, your gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast”. Thanks Trace, we got it. When your deep in the trenches of motherhood, {And a PANDEMIC} it is easy to feel like your drowning in the mundaneness of your day. Honestly, on occasion, I’ve asked Alexa to play Mr.Adkins for me because he’s right, we are going to miss this. How many times have you heard someone your senior say, “It goes by so fast.” “Just yesterday I was you.” “Babies don’t keep.” Now, in my thirties, I think back on my early twenties, getting married, having my first baby- it really does seem like yesterday. But is doesn’t when your IN IT. When your chin deep in spit up and baby food. Those night time feedings seem SOOOO long. Why won’t the baby eat and go back to sleep like a normal person?!? Functioning on zero sleep. Well, not zero sleep, but sleep that is interrupted by something or someone every 1.5 to 3 hours, 4 if your lucky. The days can seem so lonely. Wake up, breakfast, clean up from breakfast, lunch, clean up from lunch, nap (you’ve been looking forward to this ALL day), afternoon snack, witching hour, dinner, bath, and you crawl in the bed at the end of the day…and wake up 30 minutes later to feed your little side-kick. HANG IN THERE….. you blink, and they are smiling, rolling over, laughing, sleeping (Praise God!), talking back, making messes, giving you all the hugs and kisses you could want. You blink, and your baby is turning O.N.E. and 2 and 4 and 8.
I am gonna miss this, I’m gonna want this back. He’s right.
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How Often Should Your Baby Nap?

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