A Non-Judgy, Nurse Friend for New Moms- who’s always available

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A Non-Judgy, Nurse Friend for New Moms- who’s always available

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First, tell me where you’re at…

I’m Hillary, the founder of Baby Settler, a mom (of 4!)

As a labor & delivery nurse, feeding specialist, and a mom of four, I have a lot of friends. It’s funny. I may not hear from someone for actual decades, and then, when they hit about their third trimester, the texts start rolling in. Honestly, I’m glad to be there for them; few moms have a qualified (and non-judgy!) friend in their corner.

What fellow parents are saying…

The “Made Simple” Guides

From the day peeing on a stick changed our worlds, something sort of just switched in our brains. We’re moms now, and we cannot mess this up.

But, wait. What? 

How in the world can we do this thing that we were “designed” to do, with no training, and a zillion voices telling us that whatever we’re doing is really, really wrong—and a zillion more telling us the same thing is really, really right. 

Welcome to mom-Googling. In pregnancy, our searches start innocently enough with keywords like sushi and caffeine, then they progress to natural births vs. epidurals. Then, when the baby is actually here… things get really weird. Suddenly, scrolling through images of baby poop sets our minds at ease..

It’s a wild ride, friends. And at Baby Settler, we believe you deserve better than random search results.

The Essential Truths

A Free Guide to Birth, Babies & Breastfeeding

Ready to kickstart your parenting journey with confidence? 

Dive into my essential truths on birth, babies, and breastfeeding—get a running start to find clarity and confidently navigate the early stages of motherhood with ease. 

Let’s lay the foundation so you cap tap into your intuition and build on your parenting wisdom together.

Want my take on some hot topics?

Have you googled these yet?

Navigating early parenthood comes with joys and challenges alike. Baby Settler is here to help simplify that overwhelming baby stage!

Learn About Our New Parent Classes & Resources

Do you feel like everyone is giving you advice, but no one takes the time to understand your unique parenting challenges? Have you spent countless hours researching newborn and infant care tips, only to end with more uncertainty than answers?

Wherever you are on your prenatal or postpartum journey, Hillary is here to help you find clarity and the relatable solutions you need to thrive as a new parent. As a team of Registered Nurses, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Nurse Practitioners, and most importantly, parents, we are devoted to helping you navigate the early stages of parenting with understanding, compassion, and practical guidance that’s in tune with your family.

With our immersive baby sleep guides, newborn courses, and one-on-one lactation consultations, parenting guidance comes without preconceived ideas about how your experience is supposed to be. Even the best baby tips in the world are useless if they don’t align with your situation. Instead of offering cookie-cut answers that might work for some parents, our in-depth guides, classes, and lactation consultations online focus on practical solutions that are customizable to your ever-changing situation.

Inside our virtual platform, you’ll find a ton of helpful parenting resources. With insightful sleep guides, expert feeding resources, credible infant care tips, and many other in-depth parenting resources, we hope to become your #1 resource for trustworthy, safe, and actionable information.

Thrive As A New Parent With Our Courses, Guides, & Other Resources

Navigating the intimate challenges that come with each prenatal and postpartum phase requires a different way of thinking. At Baby Settler, all of our online courses, consultations, and new parent guides stem from thousands of in-person hours helping families navigate the early stages of parenting.

Prenatal or postpartum, start with our free resources or read Hillary’s book to gain invaluable insights into feeding, sleep, and how to promote a healthy routine (for you and your baby!). Many of our courses demystify specific phases, or you can grab a bundle for savings and a deeper dive into the experienced minds of our sleep and lactation consultants in Charleston.

Whichever in-depth guides, breastfeeding classes, or private consultation packages seem like the perfect fit for you, you can expect to find:

  • Practical tips you can use today
  • Real-life examples for a better understanding of tricky subjects
  • Professional recommendations to establish healthy sleep and feeding habits
  • Adaptable ideas that can be shaped around your family’s needs
  • Step-by-step education that prepares you for hard-to-anticipate challenges

In addition to the best newborn and infant resources you’ll find anywhere online, the Baby Settler’s immersive guidance goes beyond the basics with a wealth of inspiring and individualized support opportunities. Every pregnancy and postpartum experience is unique, and we’re on a mission to help our families shape their journeys and emerge with newfound resilience, knowledge, and direction. Become a part of the community and discover how we are centering postpartum with your unique journey at the center of it all.

Empowering Your Parenting Journey With Our Courses & Online

Every new parent needs help from time to time. However stressed, sleepy, or uncertain you may be in any area of parenting, know that you don’t have to face it alone. Wherever you are on the new parenting path, we would love to connect and help you solve your problems as a team.

If you’re in the area, our in-person sleep and lactation consultants in Charleston, SC can walk you through every step on the road to restful nights, balanced nutrition, and healthier family dynamics. Nationwide, Baby Settler provides an equal depth of care with virtual consultations, our community, and unlimited access to all of our best guides and courses.

To learn more about our qualified newborn guides and infant care classes, don’t hesitate to reach out for recommendations or flexible scheduling today.

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