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Feeding your baby is one of the most intimate yet challenging parts of being a new mom.

They say breastfeeding is “natural” but it comes with a boatload of challenges and questions. Is my milk supply enough for my baby? Can I switch to formula? Is my baby still hungry? Is this pain normal? Is my baby growing? Is it safe to mix breastmilk with formula?

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60%* of Women Stop Breastfeeding Before They Planned

There is a lack of breastfeeding support in our country. Women who plan to breastfeed are met with challenges and with no where to turn, the easiest answer is to stop. We help families meet the feeding needs of their baby while maintaining positive mental health and setting boundaries. That may mean mixing breastmilk and formula, finding the right formula for your baby, or troubleshooting breastfeeding. You have options. 

*According to the CDC

More than 10 years of research and experience 

It’s our mission to empower families with evidence-based knowledge and support during the early feeding journey and beyond. Baby Settler is a team of Registered Nurses, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants, and Nurse practitioners who care about the whole mother and child. We meet with you to help define your goals and create a plan to accomplish success.

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Go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and in pain to feeling relaxed, confident, and comforted knowing your child is healthy and well fed.


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Baby Settler Providers are all highly qualified, Registered Nurses, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants, and Nurse practitioners who provide families with options in their baby’s early feeding journey.

Hillary Sadler

Charleston, SC

Katelyn Rogers

Charleston, SC

Emily Webb

Beaufort, SC

Maura Devlin

Raleigh, NC

Claudia Brabham

Upstate, SC

Katelyn Young

Charleston, SC

Lindley Cave

Rock Hill, SC
now offering 1:1 Sessions with hillary

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Relaxed Moms and Healthy Babies

Is my insurance accepted?

For many people, insurance payers will pay for 3 to 6 visits with no out of pocket cost to our patients.  We are currently in-network with selected plans from the following insurance providers: Anthem, Aetna, Cigna,  many BCBS PPO plans, and some UHC PPO plans. We are able to submit claims to some other insurance payers on an out of network basis, however, we cannot guarantee what they will cover.  There are certain insurance companies we cannot submit claims to directly. In this case, we will provide you with a superbill as well as information about how you can submit the claim directly to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. If you have any questions about the insurance payers we work with, please email billing@babysettler.com

We also offer discounted rates for self-pay patients. Unfortunately, we cannot work with Medicaid.

*Don’t see your provider? Email us here to talk through options!

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