Ways to Get Your Partner Involved with Your Newborn Even if You’re Breastfeeding

by | Jun 25, 2024

From the moment you see those two pink lines, life as you know it changes forever. The journey into parenthood is exhilarating, yet it often feels like a roller coaster ride with no manual to guide you. For many new moms, especially those who are breastfeeding, it can seem like the responsibility of caring for a newborn falls primarily on their shoulders. However, dads play a crucial role in this new chapter as well. Here are some ways to get your partner involved with your newborn, even if you’re breastfeeding.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact provides one of the simplest yet most effective ways for your partner to bond with your baby. This helps regulate the baby’s body temperature, heart rate, and stress levels. Encourage your partner to hold your baby against his bare chest for some quality bonding time. It’s a soothing experience for both baby and dad.

Bottle Feeding with Expressed Milk

Consider expressing breast milk so your partner can participate in feeding times. This approach not only gives you a break but also allows your partner to experience the special moments of feeding your baby. Particularly during nighttime feedings, this method proves helpful, allowing you to get some much-needed rest. There is definitely a strategy to this though. I encourage you to work with a lactation consultant to make sure you know how to both protect your milk supply while also getting more sleep. 

He are some other ways to get your partner Involved with your newborn even if you’re breastfeeding

Diaper Changes and Bath Time

Diaper changes and bath time offer perfect opportunities for dads to get hands-on with the baby. These routines play essential roles in your baby’s day, and involving your partner in these tasks helps him feel more connected and competent in caring for your little one. Plus, bath time can be a fun and relaxing activity for both dad and baby.

Burping and Comforting

Before, during and after feeding, your baby needs to be burped to release any trapped air. This task offers an excellent opportunity for your partner to step in. He can also take over during those fussy times when the baby needs soothing and comforting. Rocking, singing, and walking with the baby are all ways he can help calm your newborn.

Reading and Talking to the Baby

Encourage your partner to read to your baby or simply talk to them. Babies love hearing their parents’ voices, and it’s a wonderful way for your partner to bond with your newborn. This can become a cherished part of their daily routine and contributes significantly to your baby’s language development.

Taking Baby for Walks

Fresh air and a change of scenery benefit both dad and baby. Encourage your partner to take the baby for walks in a stroller or a baby carrier. This provides quality alone time for them to bond and gives you a much-needed break to rest or take care of other tasks.

Supporting Your Breastfeeding Journey

Your partner can play a crucial role in supporting your breastfeeding journey. From ensuring you have water and snacks while nursing to helping you find comfortable positions, his support makes a big difference. Being understanding and patient as you navigate breastfeeding challenges together strengthens your partnership and parenting teamwork.

Encouraging Dad to Take On Nighttime Duties

Nighttime can be especially challenging for new moms, and having your partner take on some of the nighttime duties can provide significant relief. Even if you’re the one breastfeeding, your husband can help by changing diapers, soothing the baby back to sleep, or simply being present to support you during those late-night feedings. This not only helps you get some rest but also allows your partner to bond with the baby during those quiet, intimate moments.

Involving Dad in Doctor Visits

Doctor visits are crucial in the early months of your baby’s life, and having your partner involved in these appointments can make a big difference. Encourage him to attend pediatrician visits, ask questions, and be an active participant in discussions about your baby’s health and development. This involvement helps him feel more connected and informed about your baby’s well-being.

dad holding newborn

Creating a Dad-Baby Routine

Establishing a routine that your partner  can follow with the baby creates consistency and helps build a strong bond. Whether it’s a morning cuddle session, a nightly storytime, or a weekend walk, having a regular activity that your partner and baby share fosters a deeper connection and gives your partner a sense of responsibility and involvement in your baby’s daily life.

These are all ways to get your partner involved with your newborn even if you’re breastfeeding.

And Remember, You Have to Allow Space for Growth

You have to allow your husband the space to be involved. It’s hard to do, I get it! You have a newborn baby that you are obsessed with. You don’t want to delegate any task because “who can do it better than you?” You want to do it all… and do it “right.”

However, giving your partner the space to help, soothe, and love on your baby builds their bond and their confidence. In my own marriage, I’ve seen this small change during the newborn days lead to less pressure on me as the “default parent.” My husband genuinely felt like he had ownership in making decisions and taking action. Instead of asking me, “Should I put diaper cream on?” or “Do you think he’s hungry?” Luke made his own choices as a parent, and I empowered him to do so!

  • Effective Communication with Your Partner: Effective communication forms the foundation of a strong parenting partnership. Open and honest communication helps prevent resentment, which can ruin relationships. Understand your partner’s journey and recognize that sometimes the healthcare team might focus more on you, the mom. Ensure your partner feels included and valued by sharing information and discussing parenting decisions together.
  • Don’t Micromanage Your Partner: It’s important to resist the urge to micromanage your partner. Allow them the opportunity to thrive in their role as a parent. Look for ways to let your partner help and encourage them to take initiative. By doing so, you build their confidence and create a more balanced and supportive parenting dynamic.

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Remember, the key to involving your partner in caring for your newborn is communication and flexibility. Share your needs and expectations openly, and encourage him to find his unique way of bonding with the baby. 

At Baby Settler, we understand the importance of both parents feeling confident and involved in this new journey. Our app offers a wealth of resources to support you both through pregnancy and postpartum, ensuring you have the information and community you need to thrive.

You’ve got this, and whenever you feel like you don’t, lean on us and lean on your partner because there are so many way to get your partner involved with your newborn even if you’re breastfeeding. 

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