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by | Mar 24, 2024

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Finding the best breastmilk storage solution and the early days of motherhood is a Journey!

It’s usually filled with joy, anxiety, and endless questions especially when it comes to feeding our babies!

As soon as I got home from the hospital with my first baby I was already thinking about what the best breastmilk storage options were. Fast forward 12 years and 3 babies later, I found myself thinking about the same thing! Pumping has always been a part of my postpartum story. I’ve had different feeding journey with each of my four babies, but all four of them have included pumping and storing breastmilk.

As the founder of Baby Settler, I know so many other new moms are asking the same question. From the moment “peeing on a stick” changes everything, we embark on a quest to do everything right for our baby, amidst a sea of conflicting advice.

Enter the OG Breastmilk Chiller by Ceres Chill

This product that has become the best breastmilk storage solution and a lifeline for many moms in our community including (including me).

Its innovative design offers a practical and reliable solution for breastmilk storage. It’s what makes it a must-have for moms on the go. Beyond its sleek design and variety of colors, the chiller is engineered to keep breastmilk safely chilled for up to 20 hours. It is compatible with various breast pumps. It also allows for direct pumping into the chiller which can streamline the process. This makes pumping and breastmilk storage much more manageable. It perfectly aligns with our mission at Baby Settler which is to support and empower mothers through their unique journey.

Here are some tips for pumping when you return to work.

To maintain your milk supply and meet your baby’s needs, it’s recommended to pump as often as your baby gets a bottle. If you’re planning to breastfeed directly upon returning home it’s wise to leave 90 minutes to 3 hours between your last pump session and breastfeeding. This will ensure your baby is able to take a full breastfeed. The rate of refill in the afternoons and evenings is slower due to a lower prolactin level. If you find it challenging to fit in all necessary pumping sessions during work hours, consider adding an extra session before bedtime. 

Take advantage of those morning hours! They are particularly effective for pumping due to higher prolactin levels which makes your rate of refill quicker (ie: you get more milk when pumping).

Here’s an example schedule for a mom with a baby over 12 weeks old:

This assumes your baby is sleeping through the night.

  • Breastfeed between 6-7 AM, then pump on your way to work for an extra stash (if possible).
  • Pump around 9 AM and then again at 11 AM.
  • Have another session around 2-3 PM and plan to direct breastfeed between 4-5 PM.
  • Breastfeed again between 6-7 PM and consider an additional pump session before bed.
  • *For moms seeking advice on establishing a sleep schedule that supports your baby to sleep through the night, Baby Settler offers a wealth of resources.

The OG Breastmilk Chiller can simplify your breastfeeding journey.

You can have peace of mind that your baby’s milk is safely stored in a chiller that’s as mobile as you are.

It really is the best breastmilk storage solution we’ve found to date! This innovative product ensures you are able to navigate the wild ride of pumping, storing milk, and motherhood with confidence!

breastmilk storage container

One mom shared

 “When breastfeeding didn’t work out, I was devastated. Exclusively pumping every two hours was grueling. I was completely trapped in my house with my mental health deteriorating until I got a Ceres Chiller. Along with wearable pumps, I was able to start taking walks. I was able to go out for coffee, exercise, and run errands. I pump while I drive and store my milk in the OG chiller, and I use the second smaller chiller filled halfway with hot water to warm baby bottles on the go. The chillers have come on hikes, ferries, car trips, you name it. I’m not overstating it when I say these were literally lifesaving. They were the first thing I repurchased when my car was broken into and my pump bag stolen.”

And for a mom anxious about returning to work, the Ceres Chiller was a godsend.

“I was so nervous about going back to work and having to pump. The Ceres Chiller has made this transition so much easier than I expected. Not having to lug around a separate lunch box with my milk has lessened the load when it comes to preparing to leave the house. Not to mention I love that I don’t have to leave my freshly pumped milk in my work fridge unattended. I doubt anyone would do anything to it but you just never know! It definitely eases my mind on that front. I am very happy with this investment and wish I had made the purchase sooner!”

At Baby Settler, we share these stories because they resonate with our mission to support moms.

The OG Breastmilk Chiller provides the best breastmilk storage solution to the common problem, “How do I store and transport my pumped milk?!”,

Together, let’s navigate the challenges, celebrate the victories, and find peace in the knowledge that we’re doing our best for our little ones.

In Your Corner,

Hillary- The Baby Settler

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