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An online course for new or seasoned parents from birth through toddlerhood

“The information is informative but easy to understand and actually put to use. Understanding the “why” has been helpful in navigating our newborns needs and not feeling like helpless new parents! The Babies Made Simple manual has been a great reference as our baby grows and we are able to quickly reference information or review different stages/needs as our baby’s needs change. After taking these courses we felt empowered as parents and have been enjoying the newborn stage instead of stressed!”


Feel confident in your ability to understand what your baby needs.

I’m sure you’ve already been told to feed your baby on cue, establish a routine, and get sleep! But the truth is, when you don’t understand the relationship between feeding and sleep, you might feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and even angry that your baby is in an endless cycle of ineffective feedings and interrupted sleep.

Feeling guilt or anxiety because you feel like you’re the only one not enjoying this season of life?

You can break out of this cycle and feel confident knowing what your baby needs. The Babies Made Simple course will give you the tools you need to navigate feedings confidently, have a routine you can plan your day around, and have a baby that sleeps “like a baby” at night!

I was almost a month in from having my child when I asked her for any newborn specials on her videos. As I was waking up every hour to feed and momma needed to sleep, I kept on reading the confusing schedules online and my baby wasn’t having any of that. So I sent a message and she supplied the videos. My baby is now sleeping through the night. Like 9pm-7/8. Sometimes I have to wake her because my breasts are engorged. Don’t think twice-listen to her easy videos. I watched them while breastfeeding most the time.

– Katie

Knowledge is power and confidence


After this course, you will…


Stop feeling like an open buffet


Have a flexible routine you can count on


Understand how to manage wake-windows


Find you have an independent sleeper!


Know how to wean nighttime feedings


Be getting quality, uninterrupted sleep at night!


Feel encouraged your following current evidence-based research


Never need another infant sleep course


Have avoided the cry-it-out method


This course covers…


Navigating feedings (breast and bottle)


Healthy sleep habits birth through 18 months


Establishing a routine


Hitting “reset” when your baby gets overstimulated


Managing the “witching hour”


Daytime Naps


Sleep regressions


Getting your baby to sleep through the night!


FAQ’s for 0 to 12 months


Want to know more about this course?


Short, easy to digest, on demand videos so you can watch what you actually need, when you need them


The only infant sleep course you’ll need: Birth to Toddlerhood


Access to my unique, evidence-based schedules (that work!) from birth through toddlerhood


Common questions about babies explained


For breastfeeding or bottle feeding babies


Support from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


Download the Babies Made Simple 63 page manual for easy reference


Access to the course for 18 months


30 day money back guarantee


Not a cry it out method

The videos are short, to the point, and answer all the questions you could have and more! From breastfeeding to sleep training she covers everything! My baby is 3 months old and sleeps through the night (12 hours). HIGHLY recommend her courses and the consultation!



Take the course.


Watch the videos you need, when you need them.


Thrive in this season!

Highly recommend the online courses for new and expectant parents! So concise, easy to follow and Hillary does a great job of explaining the “why.”

– Jacqueline

I often hear mothers say, “I want to breastfeed, but I want my baby to sleep through the night.”

Hear this: You can breastfeed and have your baby sleep through the night. Understanding how breastfeeding and “schedules” relate to each other is really important for getting your baby to extend his nighttime sleep.

Do I need to take another course on baby care?

No, this course covers everything you need to know about general baby care from birth through weaning. If you’re looking for breastfeeding support, check out my course Breastfeeding Made Simple!

Can you guarantee success?

While each baby’s specific sleep needs are unique, once parents understand the “why” behind the recommendations, and they consistently implement the strategies and routine covered in the Babies Made Simple course, the success rate for babies sleeping through the night (according to their age) is almost 100%. If you have any questions about this, please email

Can I get more support if needed?

Absolutely! Head over to my consults page to schedule an in-person or virtual consult. Baby Settler also offers monthly in-person seminars on Birth, Babies, and Breastfeeding. Head over to the events page to find out more.

If I’m not a stay at home mom, will this course work for me?

YES! You do not have to be at home 100% of the day, on a rigid schedule for your baby to successfully sleep through the night. This course gives you the tools to be able to navigate daycare, family members caring for your baby, vacations, illness, and everything in between.

Does this course help you if your baby is older than three months and we are just getting started?

Absolutely! This course meets you where you and your baby are at in their journey. And it gives you the tools to conquer establishing healthy sleep habits, supporting an independent sleeper, illnesses, developmental leaps, and everything in between. I’ll dare say you may notice that dreaded 4-month sleep regression has passed you by without even realizing you’re through it!

I really can’t give a high enough recommendation for Hillary’s Baby Settler courses! I did the online Babies and Breastfeeding courses and loved them both. As a first-time mom, there’s so much I felt unprepared for and now feel like I can go into parenthood with a much better understanding of what is to come. I love that access to these courses lasts long enough that I’ll be able to jump back in and reference things as they come up in real time. The way the videos are organized into bite-sized topics will be so helpful when I need a quick refresher!

– Tiffany










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