Early-Momming Made Simple

On-Demand Interactive Guides

Early-Momming Made Simple

On-Demand Interactive Guides

The Made Simple Guides

New moms have to wade through a ton of conflicting advice. At Baby Settler, we’re like their non-judgy, nurse friend who helps them sort through it all, so they make more confident decisions, faster. The Guides really “fill in the gap” that pediatricians and OB/GYNS don’t fill for a new mom with evidence-based guidance even if it’s not the party line that their health-care providers are giving them.

Curated Guides for Your Unique Journey:

Birth Made Simple:

Birth doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming.

Knowing what to expect helps shift expectations and helps with your transition into parenthood. Learn as much, or as little, as you want, about labor,  birth and the immediate postpartum period. Pick the topics you’re interested in, and skip the ones you’re not.

Babies Made Simple:

Improved Sleep in as little as 3 days, guaranteed

Experience predictability amidst the unpredictable; where efficient routines meet loving care, where well-structured days merge with heartfelt moments, and where motherly intuition is backed by evidence-based guidance.

Breastfeeding Made Simple:

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it doesn’t always come easy.

You should be able to confidently make decisions & troubleshoot hiccups when it comes to breastfeeding your child. Feel confident in knowing what to expect from breastfeeding at birth, through growth spurts and developmental leaps, how to extend nighttime sleep with breastfeeding, and everything in between.

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Why Choose the ‘Made Simple’ Guides?

Led by Passion & Expertise

With Hillary as your guide, you’ll tap into her vast experience & knowledge so you can navigate this beautiful season confident, empowered, and grounded in your intuition.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Busy with day-to-day “must do’s”? Dive into our Evergreen 24/7 on-demand videos and downloads whenever it’s convenient for you. You get life-time access, ensuring learning at your pace and you can reference the content any time you need it.

Risk-Free Exploration

Engage for 30 days. If the “Made Simple” guide doesn’t amplify your parenthood experience, we ensure a seamless refund.

The Essential Truths

A Free Guide to Birth, Babies & Breastfeeding

Ready to kickstart your parenting journey with confidence? 

Dive into my essential truths on birth, babies, and breastfeeding—get a running start to find clarity and confidently navigate the early stages of motherhood with ease. 

Let’s lay the foundation so you cap tap into your intuition and build on your parenting wisdom together.

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Navigating early parenthood comes with joys and challenges alike. Baby Settler is here to help simplify that overwhelming baby stage!

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