Do you know how to properly prepare formula? What about if you need to supplement formula along with feeding breastmilk? Do you know how to navigate that? If not, I’m about to give you my recommendations and hopefully answer a lot of your questions!

Heating Up Breastmilk or Formula

What water should we be using? Does it need to be warmed? No. You can give your baby a cold or room temperature bottle. You should NEVER warm breastmilk or formula in a microwave to heat. Rather run it under warm water.

How To Prepared Powered Formula :

  1. Follow the instructions according to the back of the can.
  2. For babies less than 3 months, premature, or those we have a weakened immune system prepare formula by boiling water first. Cronobacter can be caused by germs in infant formula. It’s a rare but serious infection. 

Too much water may not meet the nutritional needs of your baby. Too little water may cause your baby’s kidneys and digestive system to work too hard and may cause your baby to become dehydrated. 

Use the prepared formula within 2 hours of preparation and use within 1 hour from the start of the feeding (from when baby’s mouth touches the nipple). Use within 24 hours of preparation.

Once a container is open, store in a cool, dry place…not the fridge. Usually good for 1 month. Check the date on the can. Never use past the “use by” date.

Mixing Formula with Breastmilk

Use the breastmilk separately and supplement with formula . However, if you are wanting to mix a bottle: prepare the formula first, then mix. Don’t add formula to breastmilk, unless instructed to do so by your provider. 

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